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Cant Heal/Reckless Split now on Itunes

No Food Or Water For 70 Years?

Doctors and experts are baffled by an Indian man who claims not to have eaten or drunk anything for 70 years – but is still in perfect health. A team of scientists and doctors in Sterling Hospital, in the western Indian city of Ahmedabad, are studying the claims of Prahlad Jani, a local holy man, who is [...]

Outsourcing Security Greases Corporate Warmongering

American anti-war activists are turning their sights on the big businesses that are behind their country’s military machine. They say that so long as conflict creates cash, there will be no end to US involvement in wars. In Washington DC the anti-war movement is sick of America’s wars overseas. They blame it on the force [...]


SLANG, MIND ERASER, WORLD BURNS TO DEATH TOUR… TOUR May 28th Chaos in Tejas Fest After Party at the Broken Neck w/ World Burns to Death May 29th Chaos in Tejas Fest at Emo’s w/ Poison Idea,the Pist,Morpheme,La Urss,Wild Thing and Deskonocidos May 31st Dallas,TX the Prophet Bat w/ Subhumans,Cross Stitched Eyes and Unit [...]

Concertgoers show the Reich stuff, are beaten by crowd

By STEPHANIE FARR Philadelphia Daily News 215-854-4225 How did they Nazi this coming? Three men who showed up in full Nazi regalia to a hardcore punk show at an Old City bar Friday night were attacked by as many as 50 people on the streets after leaving the venue, according to witnesses and club [...]

Black Kites “Advancement to Ruins” LP FREE.

Download Black Kites Advancement to ruins LP for FREE here If you like it and want a copy, they’re 6.50PPD @


New Withdrawal Song. This Band Destroys.

COA Interview from Worcester Magazine

Hardcore to the Core Written by staff Thursday, 22 April 2010 Dominic DiBenedetto C.O.A. is Boston Hardcore hands down. They hold the torch and I dare any to challenge it. Combining old and new influences musically, this band crosses barriers between old Boston-style hardcore to the heavier side of the genre, as you’ll see for yourself [...]

“DIY or Die: How to Survive as An Independent Artist” DVD extra, interview with Ian MacKaye

First like most people that read this blog thats ether in a band or an artist, Knows the ups and downs of DIY ”Do it yourself” If you have a netflicks account i suggest you see the moive “DIY or Die: How to Survive as An Independent Artist” here is a clip extra unseen i [...]