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Homeless Man Lives on Billboard

Apple lost the next IPhone! Earlier this month, Software Engineer Gray Powell apparently had a few too many “German beers”, and misplaced the IPhone 4 he was using. He left the disguised IPhone (designed to look like an IPhone 3GS) on the bar, and some guys down at Gizmodo got their hands on it. Naturally, Apple freaked out. Gray [...]

Muse Touring North America

Muse have expanded the schedule for their upcoming tour of North America. As previously reported, the group announced a 14-date tour of the US and Canada, but they’ve now added a further four shows. Set to play the Arco Arena in California on September 28, the band will also extra play dates in New York, [...]

Polish Plane Crash Cell Phone Video…Author Of The Video Killed!?

There was already some speculation over what happened to the Polish president and co. when his plane went down in Russia. Now a video has surfaced that was allegedly taken from a local resident who approached the site with his cell phone camera. The man who filmed the scene has now been murdered. I’m not [...]

An Easily Understandable Explanation of Derivative Markets

I thought I’d attempt to shed some light on the derivatives market since the news is filled the Goldman Sachs lately.  Basically what has happened is that by using the method below big banks have made us all slaves to a debt we can never repay.  The reason they have done this is more about [...]

Black And Blue Bowl…

Mysterious Graffiti Artist “Banksy” Leaves Mark on L.A.

April 15th, 2010 LOS ANGELES — A secretive and highly-sought-after British graffiti artist has left his mark in the Los Angeles area, and some say the value of the buildings he chose as his canvas may have just doubled in value. “Banksy” is known for his satirical public artwork. Not too many people know what [...]

How To Destroy Angels…

Trent Reznor’s new project…maybe? On February 1st, Trent Reznor posted on his rarely used Twitter, “1st official day of work in the studio.” He didn’t elaborate about what he was working on, but the answer seems to be clear: A new website for a project called How to Destroy Angels popped up on the Internet [...]

Abomination Offers Their New LP FREE!

This record is some of the best new hardcore I’ve heard in a long time. The whole LP is free to download. Do yourself a favor and download this.


Its been a month since we started this site. Thanks to everyone who has made a name on here and has been posting. I hope everyone enjoys what we have done so far with the page. Soon there will be more original content (articles, videos, interviews, artwork, music) so please keep checking back. Special thanks to everyone [...]