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Huge development: Russia finishes oil pipeline to China.

This was the big reason that the globalist’s had the conflict in Osetia on 8/8/08. It was because the pipeline runs through Osetia…a globalist puppet state. They knew if they could defeat the Russians there, or at least give them pause, they could stop this pipeline…they could not stop this pipeline…and now China has unlimited [...]

Castro actually tells the truth. Bin Laden US CIA asset. Al Qaeda US creation.

Fidel Castro has more reason than most to believe conspiracy theories involving dark forces in Washington. After all, the CIA tried to blow his head off with an exploding cigar. But the ageing Cuban revolutionary may have gone too far for all but the most ardent believer in the reach and competence of America’s intelligence [...]

California tags it’s pre schoolers with GPS chips.

RICHMOND, Calif.—California officials are outfitting preschoolers in Contra Costa County with tracking devices they say will save staff time and money. The system was introduced Tuesday. When at the school, students will wear a jersey that has a small radio frequency tag. The tag will send signals to sensors that help track children’s whereabouts, attendance [...]

Israel says it will destroy Lebanese army within four hours.

The US warned Lebanon that if it did not prevent any recurrence of the border-fire incident that occurred earlier this month, the IDF would destroy the Lebanese Armed Forces within four hours, Israel Radio cited a report by Lebanese newspaper A-Liwaa on Friday. According to the report, Frederick Hoff, assistant to US Middle East Peace [...]

Putin drives himself cross country to support new roads and Russia’s auto industry.

While Obama on vacation travels in a 20 armored car convoy. Putin’s driving himself cross country. He has been pictured fighting fires, shooting whales with a crossbow and piloting a fire fighting plane His latest endeavour is a slight departure from his usual macho pursuits. The Russian Prime Minister is undertaking a 1,300-mile road trip [...]

Captured 25 years ago.

Terror in the T


BEIJING—A 60-mile traffic jam near the Chinese capital could last until mid-September, officials say. Traffic has been snarled along the outskirts of Beijing and is stretching toward the border of Inner Mongolia ever since roadwork on the Beijing-Tibet Highway started Aug. 13. The following week, parts of a major road circling Beijing were closed, further [...]

New Home Sales set record Low. Disaster Ahead.

New U.S. single-family home sales unexpectedly fell in July to set their slowest pace on record while prices were the lowest in more than 6-1/2 years, government data showed on Wednesday. The Commerce Department said sales dropped 12.4 percent to a 276,000 unit annual rate, the lowest since the series started in 1963, from a [...]


The Dow Jones Industrial Average will lose about half of its value over the next couple of years as it follows a Nikkei-like pattern of several sharp rallies in an overall decline, according to Charles Nenner, founder and president of Charles Nenner research. Stocks are currently in a bear-market rally, and looking at charts and [...]