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Cops indicted in Texas taped beating

A grand jury has brought felony charges against three Dallas, Texas, police officers who were caught on patrol car dashboard cameras beating a motorcyclist after a chase, prosecutors said Thursday. Officers Paul Bauer and Kevin Randolph were charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon by a public servant, a charge that carries a five-year [...]

Michael J Sclamo BENEFIT SHOW

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’100 percent’ chance for life on newly found planet?

Gliese 581g may be the new Earth. A team of astronomers from the University of California and the Carnegie Institute of Washington say they’ve found a planet like ours, 20 light years (120 trillion miles) from Earth, where the basic conditions for life are good. “The chances for life on this planet are 100 percent,” [...]

No progress in Korea military talks

The first military talks between South Korea and North Korea ended without progress Thursday, the Yonhap news agency reported. Seoul demanded that Pyongyang apologize for the sinking of a warship in March, which killed 46 South Korean sailors, a ministry official said, according to Yonhap. The working-level military talks were held at the truce village [...]

Integrity 1989

Swamps Self Titled

Echols of West Memphis 3 talks about appeal, death row

Born in West Memphis, Echols grew up in poverty. His family shuffled between trailer parks and apartment buildings, moving around the country frequently. They survived on food stamps, what Echols often called “government cheese.” In his 2005 autobiography “Almost Home,” Echols documents one winter when his family lived without heat, huddling around a wood-burning stove [...]

FEDUP – Self Titled

This is LA’s FEDUP. not NY’s Fed Up


Canadian judge strikes down prostitution law

Key provisions of Canada’s prostitution law were struck down Tuesday by an Ontario judge who said they endangered the people they were meant to protect. Ontario Superior Court Justice Susan Himel sided with three sex workers who argued that restrictions on prostitution in Canada’s Criminal Code forced them onto the streets to conduct business under [...]