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Iraqi defector claims of WMD in iraq were false.

So….What now?

Party For The Masses!!!

Thurs 3/17 @ Chop Shop Framingham, Ma 6:00pm Abomination Draize Troublemaker Weekend Nachos (on tour) Maniac Fratricide St. Paddy’s day craziness

Massachusetts Is A Coffin “” a Massachusetts Hardcore compilation featuring Death Before Dishonor, COA, Revenge, Abomination, The Carrier, Think Again, Dirtnap, Think Straight and many more! Free download and listen!

Memorial Show For A Good Friend

A memorial show for Dominic Mallary The anniversary of Dom’s death passed on Dec 5th. This is a show in remembrance of the person he was. This is also a show for some very special releases … Sat Feb 19th @ Club Oasis Worcester, Ma $10 Reach The Sky Mountain Man (Record Release) Frogball (Reunion) [...]

Frequency Deleted Records 6 Year Anniversay!

As a celebration for FDR’s 6th anniversary, they will be releasing POW’s (Product of Waste) “You Won’t Take Me Alive” on vinyl. Check the post from Anthony of FDR : “FDR is celebrating their 6 year anniversary on March 31, 2011 by releasing one of their best records FDR has put out, Product of Waste [...]

Mubarak says he wont run again…

Egypt stood up to this…

Stand up to tyrants.

FDRadio is back.



Dinosaur Jr.