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Everyone should go to this tomorrow!

BLEUDREAM, cheap and cool Water Pipes! If you’re into smoking (Tobacco, obviously) check out the link above. One of my friends has started making water pipes. Cheap! Check it out. Also, I have updated some things on the site. If you notice anything strange, let me know. Avatar pictures should be working better. If you don’t know how to set [...]

Slapshot, Shipwreck, Cut Throat @ Lido

BHC right in the teeth.

The Church And State Are Tighter Than Ever

“Believing that religion is a matter which lies solely between man and his God, that he owes account to none other for his faith or his worship, that the legislative powers of government reach actions only, and not opinions, I contemplate with sovereign reverence that act of the whole American people which declared that their [...]

WikiLeaks: Guantanamo Bay terrorist secrets revealed

By Christopher Hope, Robert Winnett, Holly Watt and Heidi Blake Al-Qaeda terrorists have threatened to unleash a “nuclear hellstorm” on the West if Osama Bin Laden is caught or assassinated, according to documents to be released by the WikiLeaks website, which contain details the interrogations of more than 700 Guantanamo detainees. However, the shocking human [...]

Supporters of Bradley Manning interrupt Obama’s speech with a song

Members of the Fresh Juice Party apparently bought a table at $35,800 per ticket for a Democratic National Committee fundraiser in San Francisco where President Obama was speaking so they could sing a protest song in support of the U.S. Army private who allegedly gave the WikiLeaks website classified information. While others were nibbling on [...]

Billerica Skatefest 3! This Friday!

Gonna be rad!

Anything helps.

“Please do this, for the sake of an awesome kid. The other night, Terror and Trapped Under Ice played a show in my city of Buffalo, NY. What was an incredible show quickly turned into a tragedy. My good friend Mike Bird stage dove, landed awkwardly, and then immediately after, someone else stage dove and [...]

Revenge “Frustrations” Preorders up NOW!

Pre-order (new) Revenge “Frustrations” E.P. with 5 heavy thrash metal/hardcore crossover songs. Street date June 15th available on 7″ limited color vinyl.

New Harm’s Way Song

“In anticipation of the announced HARM’S WAY – Isolation LP we will have a 7″ single for the song “Breeding Grounds”. This will be a tour exclusive on the upcoming East coast run with EXPIRE and VENIA and limited to 300 copies. The track will be available for a free download shortly but for now [...]