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In case you missed the Anchors Up 3 year

Here’s a taste of the greatness. Big thanks to Josh Hynes and Invasion Productions!


Hey guys what’s going on? I’m going to be running some updates on the site. If anything seems to be broken, let me know. My email is or you can add me on facebook and let me know there. Also, check out this book I read recently. Written by Daniel Quinn, My Ishmael [...]

US gives millions to the Taliban

A new report out of Washington estimates that around $360 million in US military money went into the hands of enemy insurgents in Afghanistan, including the Taliban. A special task force put together by General David Patraeus has estimated that more than a quarter of a billion dollars in US funds trickled into enemy hands [...]


Merauder had to drop. Still make it out to this. GONNA BE A BANGER!!! Apes Of Wrath’s Second Show!! Dry Heave’s CD Release!! Revenge back from tour!! POW and The Carrier, 2 of MA’s finest!! Don’t miss this amazing Anchors Up Show!!!!

The Colbert Report: The Julian Assange Interview

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“Guillotine” Abomination This song is a single off a split with Villain called “Masters of the Hunt” to be released on Shoe City Records this fall.

Banned US Commercial on the National Debt

Keith Olbermann Special Comment

On Taking Back Governance From Politicians. Take some time out of your day and watch this.

Black Sheep’s First Show

In case you missed here it is.