Hey guys what’s going on?

I’m going to be running some updates on the site. If anything seems to be broken, let me know. My email is mayon@wit.edu or you can add me on facebook and let me know there.


Also, check out this book I read recently. Written by Daniel Quinn, My Ishmael is a book that questions the very foundations of our society. Real perspective-changing book. Also, a guy went crazy and held people hostage at the HQ of Discovery Channel a couple years ago after reading it, if that vouches for it.

Here’s the link I found with a quick google search : http://www.mediafire.com/?1efx8aaxd4bbdwy (pdf format)

It is a sequel, but you don’t really need to read the others to get it.


UPDATE : The blank bar at the top of the home page is simply the admin/user bar not displaying. I will be messing around with the site to see if I can get it back. Let me know if anything else is funky

UPDATE 2: That stupid blank bar is now gone. Let me know if anything else is going on. Make sure you go and see Merauder Saturday as well or the sky will fall on your head

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