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Integrity Announces Kingdom of Heaven EP and Tour

INTEGRITY have have announced a new release on Baltimore’s A389 Recordings. Titled ‘Kingdom Of Heaven’ (The Araca Sessions), this EP commemorates the 20th anniversary of the material INTEGRITY recorded in 1992 with drummer David Nicholi Araca, prior to his untimely passing. As a bonus, A389 will be offering a very limited edition flexi of an [...]

East Beast

New MVHC band just put out their demo. Check em’ out.

Tomorrow! Can’t miss it!

Fire & Ice also got added to this show last minute. Why would you want to miss this show?

Wikipedia blackout coming Jan. 18

For those who don’t know what SOPA is. Wikipedia will black out its Web site on Wednesday to protest SOPA, a version of anti-piracy legislation that’s being considered by Congress. Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales made the announcement on Twitter on Monday, saying the site would shut down English versions of the crowd-sourced online encyclopedia at [...]

The men who “serve and protect” us

Wonderful that we have these men to protect us against the spooky brown people telling us we can’t be free.

Wednesday! Don’t Miss Out!

Weekend Nachos (Jock Power and Violence) Abomination (Bostons Hunt Masters) Homewrecker (Hide your kids, hide your wife) Bastard Swine (Haverhill’s Hate) Anti-Venom (Members of Villain, Abomination, Streetsweeper and Isolation) Sex Scene (Weird guys doing weird stuff, making me feel weird) $10 Show will be running on time and swiftly because its a weekday. Support touring [...]

Hate Your Guts/Revenge Split

Pre-order Hate your guts/Revenge “watch the world burn” split on 7″ limited color vinyl. First 100 people that Pre-order the vinyl gets the rarest color limited to 100. Reserve your copies!!! Buy two I’ll send the other color limited to 400.