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Canada needs workers: which could be good for us.

Listen up: I know some of our friends don’t have jobs, or at least don’t have good paying jobs. We need our friends and family members to be able to lead the kind of lives they desire. Generally these things come full circle anyhow, which is even better for all of us collectively. I personally [...]

Bradley Manning for Nobel Peace Prize?

As good of a step forward this is. I don’t see it ever happening…

2012. Prepare yourselves.

FDR will be making a comeback in 2012. With releases from: -Apes of wrath -Swamps -Hostage -East Beast -Dick Move -Revenge -Hate Your Guts -Shoot To Kill Be ready for these awesome releases. And if you really need more, come out to this benefit show. There will be raffles, fun and more.

Please help out if you can.

More info here

Black Sheep Sinking Ships

Black Sheep. Check them out. Amazing new band from Massachusetts.